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Our Church History
History of Atlanta Mar Thoma Church goes back to the early 1980s. There were a handful of Malayali Mar Thoma families in the Atlanta area mainly for employment reasons. Even though they were very small in number, they sensed a need for spiritual fellowship and that deep desire led them to gather together for prayer, food and sharing of experiences at their homes and basements. In 1985, this small group of families requested for a worship service and hence on Dec 7, 1985, the first worship service was conducted by Rev. A.G. Mathew, at the Methodist Church in Tucker GA.

The second worship service was conducted in February 1986 by Rev. A.I. Issac (Now Rt. Rev. Dr. Issac Mar Philoxenos). The third worship service was in April 1986 and the fourth service was conducted in May 1986 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Irenaeus. From June 1986, Rev. K. U. Abraham(Now Rt. Rev. Dr Abraham Mar Paulos) used to come to Atlanta from Princeton, New Jersey every other month until May of 1987. All these worship services were participated by just over 10 families.

One of the major milestones was accomplished in June 1987. This small group of 12 families requested to be a Congregation. The request was approved by the Most Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan and thus the -Atlanta Mar Thoma Congregation- was formed in the North American Zone. It is worthwhile to mention the names of those 12 members here

Rev. A. G. Mathew & Family Mr. Joseph Stephen & Family
Mr. George Eapen & Family Mr. Mathews Kurian & Family
Mr. Thomas George (Sr) & Family Mr. Philip A. Chacko & Family
Mr. K. M. Thomas & Family Mr. Varghese Samuel & Family
Mr. Roy Varghese & Family Mr. Sam Johnson & Family
Mr. P. C. Jacob & Family Mr. Philip Mathai & Family

 Among these families, Mr. Joseph Stephen and Mr. George Eapen (Senior) who worked very diligently to bring all our people together and also to organize the worship services.

On August 1, 1987, Rev. T. I. Joseph was appointed as the Vicar for 3 years.

The next major milestone was in June 13, 1990 when the congregation was elevated as a Parish by the Metropolitan. In fact, Atlanta parish was the tenth parish formed in the North America and Canada region.

By year 1992, our parish grew into a total strength of 27 families. Until year 2001, all our worship services were conducted in different churches in Atlanta area. Following are few of those churches

1. Methodist Church in Austell

2. Episcopal Church in Austell

3. Ingleside Presbyterian Church in Clarkston

4. St. Mary-s Orthodox Church in Clarkston

In year 2001, as a parish we purchased this current building, renovated and furnished as a Church for worship services. The dedication worship service was conducted on July 4, 2001, by the Metropolitan His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom and the dedication of this church was done by Rt. Rev Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus in the presence of the Metropolitan.

In year 2004, the parsonage was bought and the dedication was done on September 26, 2004 by Rt. Rev Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos.

Rev. Simon Behanan was our first resident Achen.

Following are the 9 Achens who served as Vicars in our parish.

Rev. T. I. Joseph 1987 - 1990
Rev. Mathai Joseph 1990 - 1993
Rev. P. G. Mathew 1993 - 1996
Rev. Samuel Mathai 1996 - 1999
Rev. Dr. John Joseph 1999 - 2001
Rev. Simon Behanan 2001 - 2006
Rev. Abraham P. Varkey 2006 - 2009
Rev. Jai Varghese 2009 - 2012
Rev. P. S. Thomas 2012 - 2015
Rev. M.P. Samuel 2015 - 2018
Rev. Aju Abraham 2018 - till present

As of now, we have 112 families in our parish with a total of 429 members.

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